7-The Biography


Transcending Their Lies
An Artist's Struggle to Free Himself From the Lies of Civilization

Finally, Gil Magno's Autobiography

"Awesome! As I read the manuscript the fuses kept blowing. So much passion, insight, courage and future-seeing. Magno treads the untrodden. No performer, teacher or lover of freedom should be without this book. Now I know I can be free." G.O.G. Miami, FL, USA

I am immensely enjoying your book, Transcending Their Lies. Now, I am thinking about making a life change. I have been visualizing/manifesting this weekly, sometimes daily, and your book has provided me with flashes of inspiration.
Andrew Wheeler NY, USA 10/15/10

"There were moments, as I read the first draft, when the tears just welled up in my eyes. At an age when most young men enjoy themselves with trivialities, the author struggled with everything from enough to eat, to raising tuition for college, to battling with deep inner conflicts ranging from a phobia to spiritual contradictions. The words tell the story, but the poetry echoes the pain and passion." J. B. Hollywood, CA, USA

Gil Magno's autobiography was published on November 7, 2004.

...Thank you for taking the time and autographing it for me. I have been reading it in my spare time these past few days and I am about half way through. I am enjoying it very much. I think it is very inventive to use your own stories to teach how the ideas from the course can be applied.  EL 

"Your book is great! I read a little bit every morning and evening and it is filled with wisdom. I get something from it everyday. Thanks!"  Ed Hale - Lead Singer/Songwriter with Transcendence Rock Band.

"Thank you again for your autobiography. I loved learning about you and your life. Now that I know so much more about you, I feel my connection with you has grown. I realized that we are even more alike than I had previously thought and that makes me feel good. Your book was honest and refreshing. It taught me quite a lot about life and about myself. I loved it so much I am in the process of reading it to my husband. I want to share it with everyone I know. Thank you for being who you are! Take care of yourself!" JT - Miami, FL USA

"Enjoying your book. Finished it. I am going to read it over again. You had a lot of guts. I don't have the courage you have. However, I must say whenever I read your material I feel hope and a better outlook. I think you are a very special person. Look forward to meeting you." P. G., CT, USA
From the Introduction: "This book is a collection of thoughts, memories, poems and breakthroughs in my life, on the path to discovering my own spiritual freedom. I have chosen to tell you about my life in story form and not necessarily chronologically. My intention is to share with you mostly my inner concepts and changes as they pertain to art, philosophy and psychological advancement. So I refrained from wasting the reader's time with details of, "who married who," "who said what," and "who fought who," themes that are voraciously digested by the majority but in which I have no interest."
"If you want to improve your life, I believe one of the best things you can do is read biographies of great people. After all, when you see how Golda Mier, Muddy Waters, Thomas Jefferson or other people you respect dealt with their opportunities and challenges, it's hard not to be motivated, inspired and energized. Often, though, the best learning can come from a book on a life that's not famous. Because while the person may not be as renowned, their solutions, revelations, and suggestions can often be just as profound as the most noted luminary's. Gil Magno's book is a great read that documents just this sort of life. Gil's experiences and frustrations, and his unique outlook and philosophies, will inspire everyone who reads them. Bruce Turkel: TURKEL total brand management, Coconut Grove, FL e-mail: bturkel@turkel.info   Web Site
* * *
This is an enlightening autobiography. It has also, an unusual account of Gil Magno's painful transformation he underwent that brough him personal freedom.

Gil Magno dares to investigate other states of consciousness, all by himself, including the innovating idea of creating one's own place of residence after body death.

No artist, performer, teacher or poet should be without this book. It opens avenues in consciousness and in creative life that one probably never knew existed.

2/07/05 - I loved maestro Gil’s book, Transcending Their Lies, for many reasons. Firstly, for his undercurrent of humor whilst approaching such serious matters, and his ability to make one laugh out loud whilst reading. Like the few good books which draw the reader in deeper and deeper into other worlds, I found myself experiencing the book as much as reading it. Secondly, it was approached unconventionally, with no strict parameters on time lines and dates which reflect the freedom of thought of the writer. It is enhanced with romantic poetry that swelled the heart and in the end left an open canvas for the reader to experience his own growth from an objective point of view. You have to love Gil. I’ve known him for nearly 15 years and feel honored to share words with someone who has the blessing of searching through time and places that very few will ever know. Read it, laugh, cry and explode with a refreshing look on life. Dr. Kamran Khan

Mr. Magno adds, "I sincerely feel that this book will move you emotionally to such an extent that your life will begin its transformation through inspiration. It's principles are the ones I have used for years successfully with my students. I am so sure of this that if after carefully reading the book through, you don't feel inpired to creative action, JUST KEEP THE BOOK AND I'LL SEND YOU YOUR MONEY BACK."

It has 308 pages, 5-1/2 by 8-1/2 paperback with 23 pictures.
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To the Blind

Dedicated to Andrea Bocelli

Though the light of your eye has extinguished
and the dawn no longer smiles at your gaze
in the dark silence of the mind
you discover Self --
that purity of understanding --
that flows forth song, poetry and prose
that help me transcend the lies
that daily my eyes apprehend.

Though that defunct sense is now oblivion
and the verdure of the meadow is unseen
the other senses concertize
on the stage of Self --
native intelligence manifest --
that lights the path of the lame and weak
and lifts my spirits in love
that I may be humble but strong.

“On your website, I read the poem you wrote and dedicated to Andrea Bocelli..who is one of my most favorite singers. Reading it brought tears to my eyes...how moving! How beautiful and discerning your heart is to create words of such deep substance. All of your poetry that I read on your website is intensely beautiful Gil...just as your heart is.” Sandy Blanchette, ME, USA

"Nowadays, I often have students and/or meet others who will absolutely not use any effort in getting ahead. Any "dirty" work is beneath them. They want to be prima-donnas without the necessary effort. I have no respect for these people."


Song of the Wind

To my students

It has gotten cool here earlier than usual.
The weather sings
for there is always a gentle wind

bringing me whisperings from the past.

They seem to come

through one open window of my birth
as if before it there was infinity.
The "ssssssssssssssssssss" of the gentle wind
often becomes the sound heard
when one is deeply in creative contemplation, as now --
as the bamboo shades moan with ecstasy
at the touch of this wind
visiting me through my open window.
Stand quietly, alone, looking at existence
open the mouth wide so that
the throat may lovingly yawn
and aspirate, "Ahhhghhh."
Listen to the sound as the wind leaves your throat
slowly, steadily, erotically, ending in peace.
See the sea and its expanse of space
while listening to the Ahhhghhh you create.
That is the sound of infinity --
the result of total immersion in present time
and the peace of the song of the wind.
* * *
"She had been watching me playing chess. I looked ar her and smiled. She smiled back and read my mind. As she walked out she stealthily dropped a little piece of paper in front of me on the table. It said, 'Daisy M., (phone number). Tonight!' I felt admired."
* * *  
To You - My Imaginary Friend 
How many songs my lips have sung!
What poems have escaped from my tongue
To deaf ears with gears for a heart
With blood too thin to play their part.
How many dreams my dreams have dreamt!
What embraces my arms have sent
clasping shadows, lacking substance
fugitive, ephemeral, in trance.
How many concepts I have thought!
What philosophies I have wrought
only to fall on dollar minds
vested in scamps as bitter as rinds.
To live in this nightmare, thought I
Better create in my mind’s eye
though still an illusion it be
at least it is mine real for me.
So I created you, my friend
imaginary, but my brand.
Your life is nourished by my song
my verse is your love all night long.
My dreams are yours to bring to fruit
my thoughts and yours are absolute.
When we embrace I am complete
for your bosom is my retreat.
And when the shadows come and go
You’re always there, a cameo
my partner, pal, my lotus land
that’s you, imaginary friend.
* * *
"....This last statement, 'totally dependent on yourself,' is actually looked down upon by some people of a mystical or 'new age' bend of mind. They want you to be dependent on something other than self, and as you give up self-independence, they then proceed to control you and invalidate your artistic efforts. All this very subtly, of course, in the name of love. But I tell you this: The moment you decide to become independent and take total charge of your life, in that moment you will have gone from living as the effect of circumstances to being the total cause of your life."

Past Life Love

To P.D.

You were my queen once, in times past
when I reigned in cosmic meadows.
You sang to me to help me rest
to soothe and calm the gray shadows.


You were my boy when I was girl
a very long, long time ago.
I followed your life and your rule
for you were kind; I loved you so.

Now, immersed in songs of pure joy
we work hard for a future dream
and you, my love, my queen, my boy
are the soothing song of a stream.

"My final adventures will be to investigate the possibility of an immortal life created by oneself. Either by creating a world of one's own where consciousness lives aware of self, or, since we can already clone bodies, by learning how to move consciousness into that body by an act of conscious will."

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