4-The Career I

This page contains photos relating to Mr. Magno's performing, teaching and empowering careers.

The photos are in chronological order on this page. Mr. Magno wishes to pay homage to the first seven people who helped mold his life and character.
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1 - Gil's father impressed on him the need for character development and value production

2 - To his artistic mentor and uncle, Joao - JoJoJo - a genius but blind from the age of 2 1/2, Gil attributes his whole artistic temperament.

3 - Joseph Conte,
concertmaster of the
RI Philharmonic and
Gil's teacher, inspired
him to be a professional musician.

4 - Gil & Hermon DiGiovanno - Gil learned the peace of aloneness from this spiritual artist. He also inherited from him the writings of Webster Edgerly on Personal Magnetism, which he now uses in his coaching.

5 - Harry Browne - economist, author, philosopher and contender for the US presidency in 1996 and 2000. His book, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, opened the door to Gil's spiritual freedom.

6 - Neo-Tech, discovered by Dr. Frank R. Wallace, put the finishing touches on Gil's personal freedom

7 - Dr. Nathaniel Branden, whose books and sessions assured Gil's personal freedom. Gil now uses Branden's sentence completion work with his students

Gil Magno at 16 years of age with his first guitar

Arthur J. Bizier - conductor of the 94th Infantry Division Band. A magnetic man who inspired Gil. He is seen here in the army barracks.

Gil's first band - The Jesse Gil Quartet. Frank St.Peter on clarinet & sax, Frank Gubala on accordion.

1955 - Boston Conservatory - Gil taking a bassoon lesson with Richard Plaster, contra-bassoonist with the Boston Symphony

Gil's early days of singing

The Warrior High School Band in Alabama. Under Mr. Magno's direction it won first place in the All State contests two years in a row.

Gil, the bassoonist, back stage at Temple Theatre in Birmingham, AL.

Maestro Attilio Poto who so lovingly initiated Gil in the secrets of conducting.

The Birmingham, AL, Society of the Classical Guitar founded by Gil

Charley Bird - the renown jazz and classical guitarist with Gil after a concert in Birmingham AL.

Gil Magno's debut concert
at the University of Alabama.

Andres Segovia - the legend of the classical guitar - with his million dollar right hand around Gil's youngest student.

Gil's concert at the University of Alabama with Lori Henderson on flute

Jose Feliciano - one of the best voices in the pop field - and Gil after a concert near Boston.

Gil, the conductor

Gil conducting the Magnoart Guitar Symphonette

Gil composing in the old Magnoart Studio in Cambridge, MA.

Photo for his first album, Study in Longing.

Gil's commercial trio - Continental Affair - with Pat Gerarde and Randy Bass.

Juan Mercadal - Former guitar instructor at the University of Miami - is seen here with Mr. Magno after a concert for the Boston Guitar Circle founded by Magno and Jose Costa.

Sabicas - The legend of Flamenco on the concert stage - autographs Gil's guitar after having been serenaded by Gil until the wee hours of the morning.

Helen Segerhammar, flautist and Gil perform Bossa Nova at the Brattle Place in Cambridge, MA.

Mr. Magno's CD release concert in Miami Beach; with Ray Romar on flute