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Course 1, Course 3, Course 6 and Course 9

Of the 12 Courses, the above ones alone will blow your mind

What follows are descriptions of everything having to do with Self-Transformation, especially the famous (or infamous) Courses 3 - Developing Confidence through Personal Magnetism; Course 9 - Secrets of Attainment; and Course 12 - Ultimate Personal Freedom.  Those who are searching for personal freedom, healing, and a purpose to live by, will do well to enroll in these amazing courses.  We jokingly call them "infamous" because they dare to show their impudence to the established mores of self-empowerment.  Students used to come from all over the world to take classes on these courses.  Now they can take them on Skype.  Study the material below now; then later you can read other pertaining material on Pages: Home, 1, 2, 4 and 5.
The Vital Course 1
Guide to Personal Transformation,
Self-Love and Contentment 
This is a rewrite of the original Course 1.  I wrote this 340 page book recently, in 2 months, writing 8 hours per day, after I discovered why students were moving so slowly. You will be made squeeky clean after this one.  You will then be able to handle the very powerful magnetic principles in Courses 2 and 3.  We use EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Sentence Completion, Regression, and Intelligent and open two way communication. (We don't use hypnotim, ever). 
     The "Infamous" Course 3
 Developing Confidence 
and Personal Magnetism
Lack of confidence, problems with others, stage-fright, bad finances, lack of purpose in life, bad communication, common illnesses, and other life-problems, will be replaced with a confident approach to life, harmony with others, openness and comfort in front of audiences, purpose in life, magnetic communication and daily health.  All Courses follow a strict continuity required before taking Courses 10, 11 and 12.
 Introduction: Gil Magno says: "Suppose you live in a beautiful, enlightened little planet that makes use of little flying saucers that you can hire, much like taxis, to go visit other planets.  You are told by those who know, that as part of your personal development in mastership you should go live, at least for one life-time, on the beautiful planet Earth in order to learn some lessons in self-mastery. You arrive on earth, all eager to learn but as you look around nothing makes any sense to you. Part of this senselessness is created by your having lost part of your memory due to not being accustomed to the planet's density which is a much lower frequency of life-vibration. You are conscious but simply can't remember where you came from nor who you are. You remember some of your values, however. Then you begin all kinds of practices that don't make sense to you; but since everybody does them you do them also. Soon you are so confused by what everyone does, and forces you to do, on this planet, that you now begin to doubt your ability as a Being and/or your very sanity. You consider yourself very intelligent but your values and talents simply do not fit in with everybody else's programs. So you blame yourself for everything and become very unhappy in life. You believe what the "successful authorities" say and promote. They even give it names like neurosis. Then you read that a certain life-coach says, mainly: that we are lost and unhappy in this world simply because our heads have been filled with lies. He asks you to look at yourself so as to discover if it is true what he says; that the cause of your misery is the lies that he talks about. He also says that life is basically simple without the lies. He tells you not to believe what he says, but to find out if it's true or not for you.  He says that the teacher simply opens the door but you have to do the walking in. You are your own teacher and disciple. So the main purpose on this planet is to find out who you are and where you came from.  But how can you, with your head full of lies?  So we begin practices to eliminate the lies to enable you to look and see. Most earthlings spend all their time trying to "succeed," make money, be important, famous, etc. in order to attract the opposite sex. Now, all these things are easily gotten, but only after one begins to know who s/he is, where s/he came from; and where s/he's going. Humans are basicaly benevolent. They act  evilly sometimes simply because they can't cut through the lies. Help him to discover and neutralize the lies and he becomes suddenly automatically good.  The lies come from the Trauma of the past 50,000 years of evolution; Tradition; Conditioning; Trauma from life; the lies of the "authorities" educated beyond their intelligence, and the lies we ourselves created in order to fit in the world of lies. One is terrified of being alone wihtout the herd unless he has been cleansed of the lies; thus the perpetual discomfort and uptightness. After the transformation s/he actually prefers being alone, for in that aloneness s/he is engulfed in love by the Universal Self.

 What is it?  The Path of Hidden Knowledge is exactly that. Knowledge that is known only to 1% of the population of the world.  It was created by Gil Magno with the intention of transforming your whole life; from one of living as the effect of others, to one of being the complete cause of your life. On this Path there are 12 Courses; three on each Level of attainment; and there are 4 Levels.  Level 1 is called, Feet Firmly on the Ground; Level 2 is, Living with Others; Level 3 is, Life in Every Facet; Level 4 is, Ultimate Personal Freedom.  Course #1 of this Path is called, Guide to Personal Transformation, Self-Love and Contentment, and is given before the other transformation techniques of the advanced Courses. One's life is completely reviewd and repaired using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): Two Way Communication: Sentence Completion, and Regression. Now that one's life is squeaky clean, the student moves on to actual Confidence techniques. Life is a simple process for the most part, but all of us in this present society have been lied to into believing that everything is very  complicated.  This has happened because since birth we have never been educated as to why we came to this planet. Now earthlings can control you and take charge of your resources.  If you want to take charge of your life and never be a slave, of anyone or anything, ever again, you should take these courses seriously. This system is not available anywhere else; it makes use of a secret of human intention in the voice that can create small miracles in your life, alone or with others.  It engages in a particular viewpoint based on reality and the laws of life and nature.  Your textbooks will be, Magno’s, Guide to Personal Transformation, Developing Confidence and Personal Magnetism, The Secret, and The Path of Hidden Knowledge. The other textbooks were writen by Webster Edgerly but revised and expanded by Magno. There is also a Course Manual that tells you what to study step by step. It consists of several  action/items that are studied gradiently at home then drilled at the class.  Among these items we include a very effective Purpose in Life Process. Read this whole page then resolve to get started!  But first, take a photo of yourself, so you can see yourself before and after the Courses.

For Whom? For Anyone: Who wishes to believe in himself and who wants freedom from stage fright, phobias, fears, and hang-ups of every kind! For Singers: Who want to eliminate stage fright and sing with love and power. For Public Speakers: Who want to be at peace while thinking on their feet without batting an eyelash! For Teachers: Who want to put their point across without intimidation!  For Actors: Who wish to develop their Personal Magnetism and power on stage and life.
This course is quick and to the point and leaves out, as much as possible, superficial “modern bric-a-brac.”  It concentrates on experience rather than just intellect.  By applying EFT and other magnetism principles properly, students will find themselves being who they truly are, with their own natural personality, free to express themselves to audiences and individuals, and with a purpose for living - This is Happiness!
You are responsible for your own progress.  At the rate of one hour and a half private class per week it’s possible to complete the first course in as little as 3 months.  However, the courses last as long as you wish them to last.  It all depends on how desirous you are in achieving personal power.  As you gain confidence and take control of your life from day to day, you will find yourself being almost obsessed to do the studying and practice that it requires.    Mr. Magno says, “I declare from experience that the integration of principles in this course is not to be found anywhere else.  I have stayed away from ‘sweet platitudes’ that propel one to ecstasy in one weekend seminar, only to be back to where one was a week before.  After spending half of my life researching personal freedom, I found most techniques nowadays to be specious, pragmatic and ‘much ado about nothing.’  In this course we make use of timeless principles based on the laws of Being."
The Gossip: “Gil Magno has changed my life!  In just five months I have acquired more confidence  than  I  ever  thought  possible.  Each class took me on an emotional journey that left me stronger and more powerful than ever.  I now have taken full control of my life, I have gotten more work, more money and more love than ever!  I am eternally grateful and I urge you to take Gil's course; you will benefit from it greatly!” Natacha Wenger - Model, Actress, Singer, Producer, Presenter – New York 
  “The most important thing I have learned from Gil and the Personal Magnetism Course is to think for myself and let go of others’ thoughts and opinions of me.  I have learned to reconnect with myself.  I feel empowered and a sense of peace like never before.  I feel comfortable and with feeling in expressing my emotion.  I feel free and liberated from my past.  I have learned so much from Gil; he has so much to give.  This course has been more than I could have ever asked for.  It is incredible the transformation that has taken place in me in just 2 +1/2 months. Thanks Gil.   Maria Sanchez,   Seminar  Leader/Entrepreneur - Miami 
This book is one of the textbooks in the 12 Courses hat make up the Path and the pith of the philosophy that his students use to become excellent singers and successful individuals. This book is one of a kind. It doesn't tell you to smile and shake hands with enthusiasm. It teaches you how to attain genuine Confidence; forever!
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    Foreign Countries: Hard Copy  = 35.00 

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Course 9
                                                      Living Life's Secrets 
Course 9, Living Life's Secrets, naturally follows all the previous courses. You will be delighted with it. This Course is made up of 561 extraordinary concepts that will get you living life with secret tools.  In discussing each concept in class, the student will try to disagree with each concept on purpose; and in doing so will be enlightened.  Also, included in this Course are the most unusual weekly magnetic and spiritual experiments that will prove to you your own power that you didn't lnow you had, and will turn your nervous system into a literal powerhouse of magnetism.  The textbook is Magno's  book, The Secret… no, no, not that one.  His was written in 1999. These advanced concepts will prepare you for the mind-boggling secrets in Level 4 - Ultimate Personal Freedom.
                                                                                                               Hard Copy

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                                                                   Course 12

       The Path of Hidden Knowledge -

                    Create Your Own New World  by Gil Magno

Mr. Magno says, "This Course is taken in the higher echelons of the Cosmos; and we mean that sincerely.  It has nothing to do with material life, yet gives you the potential to understand why there are wars, why jealousy exists, why there is so much aberration about sex, what really is spirituality, why people in general are rushing after nothing, why one is afraid, why one gets sick, why one is stressed, why people make life so difficult when in fact life is basically simple, and much, much more."


Only graduates of Courses 1 through 9 are able to enroll in Course 12.  Magno says, "I have the gall to declare that, after living more than  3 quarters  of a century, I have never come across anything like it.  It isn't all my creation.  The heart of the secret was discovered by a turn-of-the-century philosopher.  I simply brought it up to date, and added the techniques for practice.  You will never be the same again after this one.  Your creativity will explode; and peace will be your reward."  The textbook is below.  If you are not a graduate of Courses 1 through 9, you might still be eligible to join Course 12 by engaging in an interview with Mr. Magno.  Call him for a free chat whenever you REALLY want to join Your Self;  by phone 305-447-8660, or by Skype = Gil.Magno2  Remember, the Textbook contains the words; the live Class contains the melody.  It is now possible to take this Course on line with the program Skype.

                 Electric Book-15.00  230 Pages of Freedom, on 8 1/2 X 11. Order Below and Download it Almost Instantly.


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